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Red Eye Tarot 

Metaphysically intuitive.

Psycho-Spiritual Development

through Tarot and Qabala.

Tarot cards are read to help us on our journey toward a more fulfilled life. When we draw a card we draw upon our subconscious mind for meaning from the tarot that is full of ancient art and symbolism. We draw upon the tarot for answers about various aspects of our lives, past, present and future. Tarot is a wonderful divination tool that can help us with our self-awareness, personal development and mindfulness.

Tarot is used to help people holistically by inviting mind, body and spirit to join in unison to bring about a sense of peace and well-being. When we calm the mind and body during a reading we invite the spirit to sit with us calmly. It is within this peace and calm that the tarot symbolism can speak to the subconscious mind, there we are able to find the answers to our questions, toward a metaphysical and spiritual awakening.

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