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Red Eye Tarot

Red Eye Tarot


Metaphysical Store

Metaphysically All-Seeing

Welcome to the metaphysical online store where you will find everything sold here handmade by The Red Eye Mystic.

Free post and packing.

Tree agate pentagram necklace £5 each

Clear Quartz Pendant £5

The frequency of this Clear Quartz Pendant will connect you to the physical and upper chakras. It opens, clears and activates whilst stimulating all of the chakric system aligning one’s energy fields, so that energy can flow freely throughout one’s being.

Necklace - Blue Agate with Copper Spiral Design £8

Blue Agate is very calming and healing alleviating stress and anxiety when worn and is used in meditation.

The spiral represents life with its ebb and flow designed with copper to help stimulate the flow of life and increase psychic abilities.