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Welcome to the metaphysical store.

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Each pendant is lovingly hand made with crystals, gem stones and shells found and purchased from the jurrasic coastline stores in Dorset England UK. Some items have been found on the coastline shores.

Each pendant is unique, there will never be two the same.

All healing crystals and gems have been cleansed and charged for you and are supplied with a silver plated chain or a waxed cord. If you have a preference please let me know when purchasing your pendant and I can easily change the cord or chain for you.

The wire wrapping material is made of copper or silver plated copper wire.

It is best to keep the pendant away from water so remove before bathing or showering.

Obsidian Arrow Head £10.00
Obsidian Arrow Head £10.00
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Obsidian Arrow Head Pendant

Obsidian can be worn to absorb negative energies. Obsidian is good for self confidence and self empowerment. A protective crystal, revealing deeper truths. A protection gem for facing suppressed emotional issues. Wear this pendant to absorb negativity and transmit positive power and renewed vitality. Wire wrapped lovingly with silver plated copper wire.

Size 6.5cm by 2.5cm. supplied on a wax adjustable cord max length 24cm.

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Silver Amethyst Pendant £9.50
Silver Amethyst Pendant £9.50
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Amethyst Pendant

Amethyst is the true crystal of spiritual healing and enlightenment. Used for its spiritual restoring properties helping to restore your intuitive powers. An excellent gem for merging spiritual understanding with practical common sense. Wear this pendant to help remove evil thoughts and increase intelligence. Promotes creativity, peace, love, courage and spiritual happiness.

Lovingly handmade wire wrapped with silver plated copper wire.

Pendant size 4cm by 1.5cm

Hung on a silver plated chain 24cm long.

Can also be used as a pendulum.

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